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Hi there. I'm Marian, a freelance visual designer and creator of Hella B Design. I specialize in creating fun, unique, and professional designs for all occasions. Take a peek at some of my work below. If you like what you see and are interested in working together on your next project, give me a holler by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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A Little About Me...

Hello there! My name is Marian Brondial, a freelance visual designer from a land called Hella B Design.


Ever since I was in gradeschool, I've always had an interest in art. I loved to draw, paint, and do craft projects. College is where I got my first taste of design. With my aspirations of becoming a graphic designer, I took up a Bachelor of Arts in General Design at San Jose State University. But soon after earning my degree, like most college graduates, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do first. Over time, I dabbled in other opportunities and my goals were put on hold. It wasn't until I got married and started my own family, I was re-inspired. Long story short, I am back in the game pursuing my dream!


Currently, the tools I use are Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign & Dreamweaver and I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery. I am also experienced in using both platforms, Mac OS X and PC. Although I've graduated with a background in Design, I'm still determined to learn more as technology keeps moving fast. Most recent things I have learned are self-taught through online tutorials and constant self-study. I specialize in graphic work but I am continually expanding my knowledge of the latest trends in web design.


Many thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, previous employers, and the world of the internet & social media for getting me to where I am today.


Origin of Hella B Design

You can probably guess from the theme of this site that I'm a northern California girl. The word hella of the name Hella B Design was inspired from my love of the Bay Area culture,where I was born and raised.


HELLA - is a multi-purpose word that is mainly used in casual conversation invented by people in North California, indiginous to the Bay Area.

  • Adj: To describe a lot of something or something good.
    Syn - Totally, really, very, so.
    [Ex: HELLA COOL!]

  • Noun: A lot of.

  • Adv: Supplemental, inferrs a great quantity or that you're doing something and DOING IT RIGHT!


Overall, what describes me and my work?
Very bold. So brilliant. Really beautiful. It's Hella B Design. Oh and by the way, my last name starts with a "B" too. Do you see a theme going on? :-)



Holla Back!

NOTE: At this time, unfortunately I will not be accepting any more new website projects. :-(

However, if you have any graphic design inquiries and requests, give a holler by filling out the form.

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